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Comes with miso soup.
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Chirashi (722 kcal)

Salmon, tuna, wild salmon, ebi, hokkigai, tamago, saba, ika, samayo, ikura,...
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Magu-Toro Don (722 kcal)

Four pieces of aburi tuna, spring mix, carrot shreds, avocado, chives,...
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Sha-Ke Don (754 kcal)

Salmon, wild salmon, salmon toro dice, avocado, smoked salmon, ikura, cabbage,...
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Unagi Don (753 kcal)

Unagi, organic salad (lotus root chips, spinach, and enoki mushrooms),...
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Spicy Tuna Don (628 kcal)

Pre-seasoned spicy tuna, spring mix, chives, green onions, sweet bean sprouts,...
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Spicy Chirashi Don (753kcal)

Salmon, tuna, diced wild salmon, ebi, ika, hokkigai, masago, spring mix,...